Recurring Income Beast – RIB

(Make Money Route for Students and newly wedded Stay at home moms)

Do you dream to start an online business in 2020 without a laptop or being  a savvy? If yes, then you’re in for what you’ve been praying for.


Now, do not get me wrong.


Having a laptop is one of the finest things which will aid you in so many ways, but what if you do not just have it? You don’t need to kill yourself about it, right? Good.


Behold the Online Business Route that makes you money using your phone.

Understanding Recurring Income Beast – RIB

Recurring Income Beast is a blueprint that generates recurring income for promoting affiliate products upon answering simple questions. That sounds like a myth, right? But hold on.


RIB uses a platform of constant traffic to make money. The RIB platform is a QnA site that gets up to 200+ Million audiences monthly.


So, converting a fraction of that 200+ million for income generation is what RIB will show you. So far, I have grabbed over 300,000 of that traffic which the end results have been in commissions.

Why is this Recurring?

Because as far as the RIB platform is not out of business, my or your commission continues based on leveraging the over 300,000 audiences.


Now, if you can go on to grab it 600,000 audiences for yourself – it’s your turn to do more than me. The big smile is in the commissions you will receive for doing so.

How To Make Money With Recurring Income Beast

The main earning stream with RIB is using affiliate marketing. And that is as simple as getting paid for recommending products to your targeted audience as provided by RIB.

(You might want to use the mammoth traffic you get for anything else you want – ours is to generate sales via products recommendation)


RIB= Traffic/Platform + Affiliate Products + Supporting Articles = Earnings/commissions (Recurring)

Why I Am Opening UP RIB

In case you never noted, the main route to making money with RIB is affiliate sells. The thing is, I have been using RIB for over 2 years now, and I am surprised that no one is talking about it – perhaps no one wants to open up.


Well, I am willing to do just that. This should have been one of my free tutorials for over Nigerians 400 Nigerians who have benefited so far – free class on Internet Marketing.


I wanted to make RIB not free, yet not pricey as well. Why not free you may ask?

If I give this out for free some of us might think it is another jack and gill stuff. Of course, I know, many of us when seeing this price will be pissed off, like, this is shit.


I’m sorry I can’t comfort you on this if that is you.

If the effects of Rib has been working for me for over 2 years now and you’ll be the first to say this is shit? 😎 

The Effects Of RIB So Far

Gracefully, RIB is my undiluted brainchild which has worked for me and it is still working – as you read this page.

As in, I am not a retiree of RIB, I still use it today. 


Truth is, today, I am reaping the harvest of RIB blueprint put into action.

I can tell you that earning on autopilot is possible AND THAT IS NOT to brag that you will earn millions overnight. No.


But if you believe that a laborer gets rewarded, then the reward of it is what I am talking about here.

Further Down with RIB

In case you intend to own a blog which is a good idea. RIB will help you learn how to start affiliate marketing with progress so that when you start your blog fully it is a matter of copying and pasting what you’ve learned here.


For instance yesterday, I made N9,000 in affiliate commission. That is, 1 product sale gave me N9,000.


This is not to convince you or something, it’s a testament that you can start a credible online business in 2020 with the help of RIB and the many opportunities it offers. 

How To Make Money With Recurring Income Beast

(What you get from RIB)

#1. A Copy and Paste Method/Design

As much as I do not want to call this a lazy man’s way to make money because everything you need is provided for you.


I only provided everything because I was targeting students and stay at home moms/wives who may not have all the time in the world to. In fact, I considered them first, so much that I do not want them to miss their Telemundo series. Smiles.


So, all you need to do is copy and paste the RIB method and watch the results.

#2. Ready-Made Traffic Platform

The secret sauce to making an insane amount of money is traffic.


Do you know why you see adverts everywhere on LindaIkeji’s Blog or Nairaland? It’s because they get intoxicating traffic. Traffic makes affiliate sales stupidly simple.


So, RIB leverages on a platform that has over 200 Million people per month. By this, you do not need to pay for nothing. The traffic is already waiting for you to utilize it. 

#3 Get 200+ Affiliate Products To Promote

3a. RIB comes with an inbuilt list of over 100+ products to promote.


3b. Also, RIB will show you how to get more-thousands of affiliate products with high paying commissions to bang on.


3c. Lastly, RIB comes with a list of affiliate products that will pay you up to $100-500, N20,000+ if you make a sale.


I have grabbed over 300,000 audiences – which you will se, so, imagine if you grab 100,000. The question is, can 1 or 3 persons out of the 100k people make you a sale? Think about it for a moment.


What do I mean by supporting articles?


Now imagine that you wanted to sell a “sneaker shoe” to a friend. Would you just tell him, “buy my sneakers”, no, you will tell him why he/she should buy it, right? Yeah.


RIB shows you where to get “supporting articles” to promote your affiliate products easily.  


I know this is simple. Point is, it was targeted for students, so, do not be surprised with the simplicity of it but with so much effectiveness.

#5. Effectively Add Commissions Product Links

RIB has gone a long way to show you how to add your Commissions Product Links on the Platform so as to start making money. 

#6. Selling Technique

RIB will show you a sample of how to implement your selling mantra. It shows how to leave your affiliate links at the end of the day to leverage the mammoth traffic you get.


I don’t need to over convince you about it, but, I can say, your prayers to starting a profitable online business in 2020 is finally here.

My Earnings & Commissions Effect of RIB

I hate to tell you that this is the real deal because I am not just selling you a vague blueprint or what is not working. No…


RIB still brings in the result as of today. So, no vagueness or color coating nothing. See the results of RIB.


The point with RIB is, as far as the platform we are using is in business, your work is there permanently.


Think of having a Google Online Shop. As far as Google is in business, your shop can’t fold up. That is the RIB blueprint for you.

In case you want to ask, does this still work for you as the time of writing? January 29th, 2020? 


I would say, yes…


The thing is, I am leveraging the effects of RIB for all my blogs, and revealing it is to make it accessible to you as well – you’re not my competition either. Why?


There are hundreds of affiliate commission products to promote and sell, so, I don’t have to hide what’s been working for me based on competition.


The consideration is, what if we both make it as the Oyinbos? Nothing spoil, right? Here is still an effect of RIB as of today – if you are seeing this on January 29th, 2020? 


Before we go on. What do you observe on this RIB’s page? 


One notable observation is that the results are currently ACTIVE like the one below.


So, I am not sharing what used to work with me 2 years ago/back. They are working now!.

Just surprised many people do not know this. 

Get RIB Today,  Affordable 

The price value of RIB stands at N10, 000. Hold on. What of N5,000? Yeah.


RIB was going for 10K but the demand for it to be lesser for everyone to get it was enormous so, I decided, why not make everyone get it. Now it is almost for free. Yeah for free.


Think I am joking? Here is it… (Demand for a lesser price)


So, if I want to go with the real price, N5,000+ is non-negotiable.

But I wanted to do this for students and stay-at-home moms, that is why RIB has provided every Nut and Bolt for you to copy and paste the blueprint.

The “New Reduced” price = N1,900.

Yeah, you can say, bro, you mad oooo.


Remember that if I insist on N5,000 or N10,000, you might be the  first to say “ this economy, buhaary govt, and etc.”. So, I want you to participate and start your online business without boundaries.


The truth you might not know is, utilizing RIB will provide more online business opportunities for you. How?


Because of #1. The person behind it has been online for quite some time now #2. There are many opportunities on the platform RIB provides. Too much talk, lie no de miss. So, action.

Need for Support? Why not…

RIB brings in the result I profess and which you have seen above. Why? Because it was created for total newbies and stay at home moms.


Narrowing it down,
I am not a man from the moon. I will do my best to reach out to you if you need support.


I know too well that N1,900 is too NOTHING to give you support, but nope.

I will give you support if you need me for 2 weeks. A chat link is at the end of the Blueprint.


As much as I don’t want to over convince to buying this blueprint, truth is, RIB is the blueprint I have used, and I wasn’t ready to offer for free to some of the other students I have lectured till now.


I am a die-hard blogger running many blogs, so, I don’t beg for initials traffic to my NEW blogs due to RIB.


Here is what some of the students said – due to the VALUE offered from these classes. (Over 400 Nigerians have positively & progressively been affected so far).

Thank you so much sir for taking your time to make our lives better. It will be of great help if only we take action.

Geoffrey Branchi

Is the right path to earn cool cash, before I attended his class yesterday I know about freelancing and since yesterday I want to know more.. I wish I could learn a lot from him but I don't have money to attend his lecture. Even the price tag for the course is very cheap but I can't afford it now... All I could say now is THANKS YOU BROTHER.

Azeez Hammed

I'm glad there are few good men like you online it means there is hope for the Nigerian youth.

Richard A.

Get RIB Today – N, 1900 only

I know the value of RIB as compared to the price is stupidly ridiculous. But I want to make sure I am different from any Nigerian online entrepreneur you’ve met.


And do you think I was pulling your legs when I said I have grabbed over 300K on this platform?


You do not need to be a doubting Thomas. The LIVE proof is in the blueprint.

RIB at N1,900

Kindly send the above amount to the following account details – BELOW – with your name. When received, the blueprint will be forwarded to you, ASAP.


Send payment details to

Wealthy Place Invoice


Pay To

Account Name: Offiong Isuamfon


Account Number: GTBank: 0130296776



Invoice Item – “Recurring Income Beast – RIB”


Total – N1,900.00 NGN

Frequently Asked Questions about RIB

#1. Do I need a laptop to make use of RIB?

Answer: No, you don’t.


#2. Can someone with no affiliate marketing  skills make use of RIB?

Answer: Yes, everything is detailed – a list of affiliate products and how to apply them.


#3. Do I need to start my own website for RIB to work for me?

Answer: No. The platform used in RIB is enough.


#4. Do I get support for RIB?

Answer: Sure. The details for appropriate communication is highlighted in the blueprint.


#5. Can a Civil Servant seeking extra income use RIB?

Answer: Yes. It’s even better for them based on seeking an extra income source.

RIB was originally made for stay at home wives and busy students, so, anyone can jump in and start making sense of it.

Final Note

I know the value of RIB as measured with the price is underestimated, but no issues. 


If you want something that is scalable and easy to get started, get “Recurring Income Beast”.



With the above points of mine, I hope I have been able to convince you that getting started with RIB is better than running from one pillar to posts looking for shiny objects to make money online in 2020.


If you do not have a strategic online business then RIB is what you need to launch you in, because on the RIB platform you will be opened to hundreds, if not thousands of other online opportunities. I hope this makes sense to you…


The longer you wait, the more money you’re leaving on the table.

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